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Improving Quality of Life and Curing Patients
Improving Quality of Life and Curing Patients

Introduction to this Page


Cell-treatment.net is a domain which I- your editor Fas Kuiters- has owned from quite some time. Since 2009 I believe.

The primary purpose of ownership of the domain name at the time- and still is- is, to describe the developments in the Regenerative Medicine world, which for me is congruent to the developments in the world of Adult Stem Cell Therapy.

The predecessor of Cell-treatment.net was online for about 4 years, until I decided to take the website off-line in 2013, since things did not go very well in the industry and the developments for the core target group, I was aiming at, at the time- patients looking for relief and cures & the general public interested in the plight of those patients- were kind of chaotic in view of regulatory agencies around the world trying to establish their footing with those regulatory frameworks. 

We are now end July 2016 whilst I write these words and I can see progress and if you like, "light" at the end of the tunnel all across the Globe in respect of those regulatory procedings.

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